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"Hey 8th...
I'm sorry it's on you, but we had no choice.

Listen carefully:
You have to rewind the music box, then, get out of there as fast as you can. Find an exit, and make sure to never come back again.

It'll desperately try to catch you, and... Murder you... but if you snap your fingers in time to the music box, it'll be all right.
The flashlight may also react to the music box, so base your rhythm off that.

Please... Survive."


E to interact.

Left Click to snap your finger.

WASD to move.



I had a lot of friends telling me: 

"You made a mistake: you should snap the middle finger, not the ring finger!"

And apparently I'm the only guy that snaps his ring finger instead of his middle one.

But now my character does too :D!

(Probably gonna make a yt video about the jam experience on my stupid channel)

Install instructions

Extract the RAR file, start the executable, and enjoy a bunch of scares ;D


SpiritOfTheMusicBox.rar 62 MB


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not gonna lie i have no idea how to play this. every single time i just instantly die even if i am in time with the music